Setting goals you’ll actually achieve in 2013

Don’t let your New Year goals and plans stumble in a matter of weeks. Use these implementation tips to keep you on track and heading in the right direction for success.

  1. Map out the series of steps that will lead to your goal – where possible break them down further into manageable and easy to achieve components
  2. Identify any additional resources or help you’re going to need along the way and schedule in when you’ll obtain the resources and help you need
  3. Tell people around you what you are aiming for and, if you need their help, ensure you communicate exactly what you need and by when
  4. Be realistic and schedule in the actions that will lead to you achieving the steps you’ve mapped out. Don’t set yourself up to fail, give yourself slightly more time to ensure you do get tasks completed
  5. Incorporate all these scheduled points into whatever diary system you use to get things done, be it a simple ‘To Do’ list, Outlook tasks or other more IT-driven prompts
  6. Don’t give up if you miss a deadline. Instead, extend the deadline for a short while and commit to really achieving the task at hand
  7. Establish review points along the way so you can check progress and finetune your plan
  8. Celebrate and be proud of each step you accomplish. It’ll spur you on to achieve the next one